The Tuscan countryside

Thinking of Tuscany, brings to the mind the rural landscapes and the unpolluted country which make the Tuscany a unique landscape famous in the whole world.
Hills and light slopes, cultivations, vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can see, castles, medieval villages: striking landscapes that distinguish our region and fascinate every traveller who visit them.

Chianti and Siena hillsides have always been dedicated to the vine-growing and to the production of important wines following the ancient agricultural traditions; the Crete Senesi and the picturesque Val d’Orcia area, declared by UNESCO humanity’s heritage, with its clayey grounds and rows of cypress trees that delineate the fields; the Garfagnana covered by wild, blooming woods rich of water; the Maremma with its “macchia mediterranea” and traces of the Etruscan history.

Places that, even if provided with modern tourist services, take the traveller back in time and let him plunge into a past rich of histories, memories, experiences kept alive thanks to their inhabitants’ love.
Excursions in these marvellous areas will allow you to be embraced by the colours, and fragrances typical of the Tuscan countryside and you will be able to taste the typical products of the famous Tuscany wine-and-food making tradition.

Tuscan countryside's beauties are well known all over the world thanks to the many films, books and advertisements that have chosen it as setting or scenery so that many directors have defined Tuscany "a setting under the open sky".

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