The Tuscan mountains

The mountains complete the variety of Tuscany’s landscapes. Enchanting holidays places, in summer and in winter, where you can do skiing, or trekking up on the high paths or even with the mountain bike but you can even find the time for relaxing and take a rest.

The Appennino Tosco Emiliano embraces little mountain paradises like the Alpi Apuane with their marble quarries and caves to be explored which extend up to the Garfagnana, the Abetone, ideal winter ski resort and quiet place to spend a nice summer holiday, too. The Casentino rises, covered by secular deal, beech and chestnut forests, which hide hermitages and monasteries and then the stillness of Mugello.
Southern, between the sea and the hinterland, the Monte Amiata, with its slopes of chestnuts, rises and overlooks the Maremma.

A particular attention must be dedicated to the parks and to the natural protected areas in Tuscany. Two national parks, three regional parks and many protected areas let you spend your adventure or relaxing holidays very closed to the nature. You can make sport in the open air and you can discover picturesque corners still unexplored.

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