Thermal baths and Hot springs in Tuscany

Tuscany is the spa region par excellence. It has the largest number of spas in Italy.
The Tuscan thermal waters are very appreciated for healing and regenerating power and their location in breathtaking places.
Are you planning your holidays in Tuscany? Why do not take advantage of its many spa resorts and relax yourself?

The spas in Tuscany - an ancient tradition

The Tuscan spa tradition has very ancient origins. The Etruscans were the first to discover the hot springs, but only the Romans understood how to take advantage of it. They built the thermal baths as they are today.

The idea of relaxation was born like this. Going to the spa meant not only taking care of the body, but also of the mind, as well as being a meeting point to socialize.

Spa holidays in Tuscany - rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself

Today the spas are real beauty centers, with more and more advanced services, to regenerate from the frenetic daily life.

A very popular offer is the Day Spa package: a day at the spa enjoying the whirlpools, hammam, turkish bath, sauna, various types of massages and relaxing herbal tea including the spa kit (bathrobe and slippers).

The most beautiful spa resorts in Tuscany - location and curiosity

If you plan to spend your holidays in Tuscany, here you’ll find the best spa destinations where you can rediscover lost energies and have the opportunity to discover the charming surroundings, such as:

  • The Francigena route
  • The Valdorcia (Orcia Valley)
  • The region of Maremma


On the border between the Orcia Valley and the Val di Chiana (Chiana Valley), there is a place that has been much loved by the artists.
Memorable artists the likes of Pirandello and Fellini were inspired by this baths: the first, the two Nobel Prize novelist of "Acqua Amara" and "Palmino e Mimi", and the latter a famous film director who set here the autobiographical masterpiece "8 and ½".
Best known for the treatment of liver and kidneys, today the Chianciano Terme Spa are "sensory spa": a purifying, relaxing, energizing and rebalancing experience, as well as numerous naturopathy treatments.


Located in the beautiful landscape of the Crete Senesi, its baths hosted a wounded Garibaldi in search of cures after the battle of Aspromonte.
Today in Rapolano Terme there are two main spas offering innovative services in medical-aesthetic branch.


This little town situated on top of a hill is crossed by the Francigena Route and its thermal baths are part of the "Parco Benestare" project: a concept park without borders, with two rings of trekking paths joining the territory between Gambassi Terme and Montaione.
The spa structure is quite recent. Actually, it was inaugurated in May 2015 and it offers mostly services with cold water treatments.


The Terme Sassetta, in the Val di Cornia scenary, are situated in an ancient medieval village just 5 km away from the Etruscan Coast, along the Wine Route.
These thermal baths are located in a very romantic landscape, surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean woodland.


Known especially for its Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, these Thermal baths are located in a scenografic area with beautiful landscapes, such as the Crete, Monte Amiata and the hills of the Valdorcia.
The main feature of these thermal baths are salty water pools of Sant'Albinio and the "Grotta Lunare", a spa area that recreates the starry sky.

Bagno Vignoni

A beautiful village in the Valdorcia (Orcia Valley), well-known for its characteristic central pool in “Piazza delle Sorgenti” and its mills. In the past, it hosted famous personalities like Santa Caterina da Siena, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Pope Pius II. It also used to be a very popular stop for pilgrims travelling on the Via Francigena.
Its waters are the hottest of all Tuscany, with a constant temperature of 52 ° C.
Today, in addition to the historic spa complex, there are three more wellness centers. The access to the central pool was forbidden to the public ten years ago, due to decency issues.

Free Thermal Baths in Tuscany: wellness at no cost

Are you on holiday in Tuscany and do feel a little bit adventurous? Or, are you exceeding your budget, still you don’t want to give up the pleasures of hot springs?
In Tuscany there’s plenty of places where you can enjoy the prodigious waters of our region (without paying a cent!). Here are some examples of the most enchanting ones.

San Casciano dei Bagni

An excellent place to start exploring the border zone of the Mount Amiata and the Trasimeno and Bolsena lakes is at the foot of Monte Cetona, on the edge of the Valdorcia.

Here there are 42 thermal springs with waters rich in minerals at about 40° C.
In San Casciano dei Bagni there are both free thermal baths and a luxurious resort.
It is possible to have a bath in the ancient wash houses, which remind of a retro well-being. The two most important baths are:

  • the Bagno Grande, with its natural hydromassage due to the gaseous bubbles of the spring;
  • the Bagno Bossolo, very suitable to heal burns.

Bagni di San Filippo

Situated in the Valdorcia, Bagno Vignoni is a very appreciated place by nature lovers, especially thanks to the flourishing surrounding vegetation.
The unusual limestone formations of the rocks make it a fairy-like landscape. One of this rock is known as the "White Whale", due to its awkard shape reminding the silhouette of a cetacean.


In the district of Siena, on the border with the Bassa Merse Nature Reserve, there are the Petriolo Thermal Baths, the main feature of its waters is the penetrating smell of sulfur. This particular thermal bath has numerous natural pools, where the mineral waters and that of rivers meet. The result is a water with a particularly favorable temperature for relaxing baths.
Her you would also see the ruins of the ancient Roman baths.


In the heart of Maremma area, there are the famous Saturnia Thermal Baths, where there’s one of the most famous spa complex of Tuscany. The origin of his name is rather uncertain. Two legends are told:

  • the first tells about the God Saturn, who angry with the men for the continuous wars, threw his lightning in this area, and sulphurous water sprung;
  • the second claims that Jupiter, fighting against his father Saturn for the throne, threw him from the sky and his falling formed a crater from which "miraculous water" began to flow.


Today right next to the source there is a Spa and Golf Resort. But, if you keep walking along the Gorello torrent you’ll find the evocative "waterfalls of the Molino". The remarkable beauty of this place makes it a dreamlike scenario, as it is also constantly surrounded by enormous clouds of steam.

Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche

Situated in Valdicecina, not far from Volterra, this thermal structure dates back to the thirteenth century. It was bought by François Jacques de Larderel, a well-known French engineer who promoted the industrial exploitation of geysers. Then, in the XXth century it was definitively abandoned. Today, it still has a room painted in blue with a square tank, fed by a well of sulphurous water, limpid and not very hot.
Nearby, there’s also the Hermitage and the Abbey founded by the Celestine monks, now abandoned too.

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